UGC -How can it change your business flow?

UGC -How can it change your business flow?

Ever heard  the saying “Customer is the King”?

If yes, then trust me you already know the value your customers bring to your business.

Having said that we won’t be deep diving into the intricacies of the value addition but we will be confining our focus to how you can leverage your user’s gift to increase your brand visibility to the people around you.

The gift that we’re talking about is UGC or User Generated Content. 

It is the content which is generated by the user when he/she uses your products or services. This results in content generation which is particular to his/her experience w.r.t that particular product/service.

UGC is a part of unconventional marketing which has an immense impact on the minds of the users in terms of engagement, authenticity and the list continues.

A recent trend is that many of the brands are now switching to UGC.

Here are a few examples:

1. Airbnb : Having made a powerful impact on the minds of the people with their unique value proposition, Airbnb now uses UGC to influence the masses with their content strategy.

As seen above, Airbnb directly posts the photographs taken by AirBnb users to increase their reach and interactions.

Airbnb asks for the user’s permission before sharing their content through their official pages.

Here is a glimpse of their instagram gallery. The content is user generated:

2. Starbucks:Known for their unique marketing strategies, Starbucks, through their RedCup Contest, encourages individuals to be a part of their campaign by clicking a picture of their Red Cups and rewards the winners.

This campaign saw a huge participation from the users, who posted photos of their Starbucks Red Cups on Instagram.

3. Adobe: The multinational software company influences   individuals to present their work by tagging them and then reposts the content generated by the users with hashtags such as #adobe_perspective

Additionally they tried to portray the discrimited segments of society, in a positive light, through their campaigns. #Pride2020 depicted  the dignity of the LGBTQ Community, #BlackLivesMatter drew attention to racial discrimonation and other campaigns encouraging Women Empowerment. They encouraged the people to post their best shots which they reposted through their official account.

4. Nike:  Nike creates User Generated Content by encouraging individuals to post their best Nike Pictures. Nike then features these posts  on their handle. 

     A noteworthy instance was the #Nike campaign where Nike posted 10 best user generated pictures in 24 hours. This campaign generated a huge fan-following for them

Having discussed the various examples where UGC was used by brands, let us now understand what makes UGC so effective :

1. Effective Advertising Campaigns:

UGC is cost-effective as it costs less to generate, but the results are tremendous

2. High Conversion Ratio:

With our social media being peppered with ads, it’s obvious that the consumer base is tired of them and try to avoid them as much as possible. Hence the brands now use UGC to make their value offerings more prominent to the users. 

3. More Trustworthy:

A story narrated by a real user seems to be more trustworthy and authentic to today’s youth. This is the reason why the content generated by the users always gets the desired attention

4. High Engagement:

According to a survey by SocialMedia Report, UGC creates 90% higher engagement compared to other mediums

5. Recall Power:

When it comes to advertisement it is estimated that a user, in order to be converted, requires 5-7 recall touchpoints.

In such a scenario 35% of the millennials reported UGC to be more memorable.

 Knowing the above benefits of UGC, many brands use it  for their seasonal advertisements, be it through campaigns or contests.

    Let us know  if you have used UGC before. If yes, then how?

        Or are you a first time user of UGC?

        Do you feel motivated after reading about it?

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