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Well! Well! Well!

If you thought that after reading this post you’d attain the pinnacle of Social Media Marketing know-how, then this post is definitely not for you!

What you can rather expect to take away from this post is the ways and means to reach your target audience, to be able to set attainable goals and to learn to work towards them in a consistent manner.

Having said that, the first step towards having a Social Media Marketing strategy is to ask yourself “Why do I need one?” or “Do I really need one?”

In this context, what you must have been reading a lot is – ”It all depends on your niche!”

So, to make your task easier, I would like to ask you to take a piece of paper (or your PC) and write down the following questions. The answers that you come up with, will show you the way!

1. Who’s in your Niche?

Knowing your Niche, your target audience, is of supreme importance. Setting the stage right, preparing for the show and then understanding that you don’t have an audience – Is not where you want to be, right?

2. What should you prepare for?

The next question is how you should plan to reach your audience. Well, the first prerequisite for this is a “Story”. Remember the times when your grandma used to put you to sleep by telling you tales and stories that captivated your imagination and put you at ease?

People haven’t changed since then. They still love stories. So why not create and shape your content in the form of fascinating stories, which the readers can connect with, to make them more engaging.

Let’s take this as an example! 

E.g: You are a food-blogger and want to attract your audience. You can share your experiences while visiting various restaurants or places and share one funny incident you had! You can ask the audience how they would react to such an instance. 

3. How to reach your audience?

This is the most important question. In fact a study says that most businesses fail because they are unable to figure out the best channels to reach their target audience. But if you wish to scale-up at low cost and within a short span of time, your preferred channel would more often than not be Social Media.

Believe it or not 55% of the people use Social Media for recommendations while purchasing products. Also there are 3.5 billion Social Media users, which is nearly half of the World’s population. 

Having said that, you may target specific Social Media Platforms through which you can reach your customers. It can be through campaigns, paid ads, regular content or community building. Just like the earlier example, in order to reach the young professionals you may start a campaign that goes:

Funny yet Fab!. Your escape to the mysterious world!”

4.What strategies you need to apply?

Well Social Media can be tough and easy at the same time. With all the brands utilizing the power of Social Media to better position themselves, you need to be smarter than your competition in order to come out of it victorious.


For this you may seek advice from 3rd party aggregators which provides your need-specific marketing and advertising solutions. You can visit our page to get more details.

The real tricky part is to figure out how the different Social Media actually operate. Every Social Media is different and provides different benefits. The only way to outperform it is by understanding the functioning of the individual algorithms. There are many tools available which can help people in Social Media Management or Aggregation. In Fact went  through a 6 months long survey to understand the problems faced by Social Media managers,Freelancers and Content Writers in reaching out to your niche and finally came up with a unique solution to help them. You can check it here!

5. How do you increase engagement and reach?

If you have reached this far, then welcome to the most crucial stage! Optimizing your content and your reach to increase engagement is what we call Social Media Optimization (SMO). SMO will not only attract more customers but will help you to catalyze your organic reach in the current pay-to-play model. 

You can realise SMO by:

  1. Creating valuable content targeting your niche
  2. Creating quality content
  3. SMO enabled posts
  4. Maintaining the consistency of your posts
  5. Posting on appropriate timings

Having discussed the basic steps of Social Media Marketing, it is now time for execution. The above steps can be carried out manually. But manual processes lack efficiency and larger target reach. Therefore it would be beneficial for you to employ a tool for increasing the conversions. 

One such tool is YoLo Connect. As the name “You only login once (YoLo)” suggests, it is a one of a kind application which provides a complete digital marketing solution:

  1. Trending Content
  2. Social Media handle aggregation
  3. Post Scheduler 
  4. 1-on-1 digital marketing consultancy

Ultimately the most important thing is to love what you do and become an expert at it. This is a sure shot way to achieve the best results!

Additionally, you can prepare a content calendar to track your own progress and have an idea of the scheme of things. Follow this space to request one

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