How to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook?

How to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook?

Decoding the Facebook Algorithm

I presume everyone reading this has a Facebook account.

But have you thought how  Facebook’s  Brain decides whether to take your post to Trend or not?

Well, Facebook’s Brain or the Facebook Algorithm is a certain set of rules which define the actual reach of your post. It is quite surprising that it controls what you see and whatnot. The posts you see will be quite different from what your friend sees.

The algorithm is a dynamic process that continuously monitors what you like, the time you spend on your interests, and the profiles of the Fb users you engage with. Saying that the next question might be how Facebook controls the feed of a billion users with so much accuracy? Incidentally, the truth is that no algorithm is 100 % efficient. Furthermore, that is the reason why we sometimes come across posts that were never relevant to us or our interests.

Well in most cases deciphering the Facebook Algorithm seems to be a challenge to the businesses and the professionals. In particular, businesses that look forward to organically promote their advertisement campaigns faces the wrath of the algorithm barrier. Consequently, reaching your niche becomes a pay-to-play model.Consequently, in order to reach your audience, we need to know what the parameters are that decide the radius of the post. I have jotted down the salient points of my personal research on the topic and interviews with a few freelancers below:

Hacks to improve your Target Audience Reach

1.    Friends and Family:

 Facebook prioritizes the activities of the user’s friends and family in his/her feed. Now that is the reason you get to see what is your cousin’s quarantine goals or the wedding post of your school friend. However, you haven’t interacted with them much in the recent past and them having just 50 followers

2.    User Engagement:

 It denotes our Likes, Comments, Shares, and even time spent on a particular platform. The algorithm is designed in a way that it gives more priority to comment over a like or share. It is interesting to know that many content creators leverage this and engage the viewers through “read more”  to increase their time spent which helps their post rank higher

3.    Format of content:

 Yes! The type of content matters, if you want your message to reach out to your audience. In a Survey performed by Buzzsumo , it was concluded that videos outperformed photos by 73% in reaching to the mass. So next time you plan to upload make sure you use a video embedded post. Also, not all videos are engaging. Videos with

–       Meaningful and yet simple content

–       Entertaining and relatable messages

–       Trending issues

And videos of 3 to 4-minute length seem to perform better.

Best Facebook Post Format

(Source: Buzzsumo)
Optimal Video Length(Minute)

(Source: Buzzsumo)

4.    Type of Content:

 Furthermore, having said that, how do we find the most trending topics, and more importantly how do we know what is really trending? Well, there are many free tools in the market like Google Trends , Google Adwords , Ubersuggest, which can help you find a trending topic and the SEO-enabled keywords related to it. There you go!

5.    Call-to Action:

 Nowadays, it a popular trend among brands to promote their product using click-baits , like-baits, embedded links in their posts. Now the question is- Do they get enough engagement?

The answer is- Obviously not!

Not a preferred way of linking images to external links

The image shows a picture that has a link enabled in the post so that when a user clicks on the image, he/she will be redirected to an external link. According to a recent update on Facebook, the algorithm will discourage such post from reaching the masses

Effective way of linking images to external links

Whereas in this image, the link is mentioned in the description and the viewer will be in a better position to decide whether or not to visit the particular link. The second one, according to the Fb developers, should be a preferred practice.

  6. When to Post: 

Now, this is one of the most important but underrated parameters when you post on Facebook. Meanwhile many Social Media Managers (eg: Later, sprout social) conducted a detailed analysis of the post-performance at different hours throughout the day and the results were indeed amazing!

After detailed research on the various websites that performed this study, I have curated a list of the best and the worst timings spread across industry audience:

Optimal time to post in Facebook

However, it has been observed that the best audience engagement time can vary according to your niche segment and for this, your previous post engagement over the last 3 weeks can give you the optimal suggestions.

If you have reached this far, you would be eager to know how do we improve our organic reach  on Facebook. With our busy schedules, it is almost impossible to monitor individual social media performances or achieve what is termed as SMO (Social Media Optimization).

To your relief, YoLo Connect takes care of all your Social Media Management related issues. 

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